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A website for parents struggling with parental alienation syndrome


The reason for this website is simple: I want to warn everyone about the dangers of Parental Alienation. I speak from experience. My family was ripped apart and recovery was a long and difficult road for us all.

The seeds of destruction had been planted already long ago. Years of my partner criticizing me in front of the children had laid the foundation for the complete disintegration of my family. Following our divorce in 2012 I became a single mother of our 4 children as a result of their father's immigration to South Africa. In 2014 my children were suddenly taken out of my home without any warning by the Dutch Children's Aid Society following one telephone call made by my ex-family in law to the Children's Aid. In the week after the children were taken out of my home they were placed under the care of my ex-family in law. When they returned after that week the children were united as 'one front' against me. The fact that the children 'confirmed' all charges made against me by the Dutch Children's Aid was proof beyond doubt for the Children's Aid that they had handled 'correctly'. They had saved the children from their 'dysfunctional' mother. Unfortunately the Children's Aid did not keep in mind that this may be a case of indoctrination... Yes, my ex-partner and his family won 'the battle' at that time, but the children paid a huge price. One thoughtless action made by the Children's Aid destroyed my parental authority, making it impossible for me to raise my children as a single parent under such hostile circumstances.

Unfortunately in the period that followed the placement of my children under foster care I have also personally experienced the alienation that foster parents caring for my children or the Children's Aid themselves have sometimes caused between my children and myself. Parental Alienation is therefore not a danger limited to ex-partners and their hostile divorce situations, Children's Aid organizations, foster parents and extended family members can (unwittingly) form a threat in the same way. Children excommunicated from their loving parents should never be accepted. Unfortunately this does happen- more often than we think- in our 'advanced' civilization...

Fortunately, the tide has turned. In 2019 my children are (mostly) grown up and have realized what really happened. Contact is restored with all of the children.

I have tried to condense the most important information and helpful tips I could find on this subject to be able to share with as many people as possible.

I would also like to mention as a last word my gratitude to YOU, dear reader, for having the patience and interest to visit this website. I hope that it will assist you on your difficult road, and most of all, I hope that it will make a difference for our children. The more people who are aware of this threat and spread the word, the better. Please pass the word on to everyone you know, and hopefully, we can change a small part of the world we live in for the better.

Contact: info@vechtscheidenkidslijden.nl